Multi-Lite Table Lamp

By Louis Weisdorf

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Louis Weisdorf’s contemporary and classic design philosophy is echoed in the new Multi-Lite Table Lamp. With its timeless elegance, distinctive style and unique multi-functionality, the Multi-Lite Table Lamp brings life and character to any interior space. The Multi-Lite lamp design is created in 1972 by the Danish architect Louis Weisdorf with the aim of reflecting his passion for diversity. Due to its unique design, the two opposing outside shades can individually be rotated and transformed into multiple combinations and encourage for personal installations and expressions whenever desired. Always with Weisdorf’s design philosophy in mind, the light can be directed upwards, downwards or exude an asymmetric art light without exposing the light source. Two cylindrical shapes lay the foundation of the lamp and a metal ring encompasses it and anchors the two quarter-spherical shades, which ultimately completes a picture of an iconic design with multiple purposes. The decorative Multi-Lite Table Lamp is an evolution of the pendant design and perfectly suited for creating a festive ambient light in the domestic living room.

Item Number: 10110906

The 1972 Multi-Lite Collection by Louis Weisdorf represents the ‘golden era’ of Danish design, featuring two adaptable, characterful shades that are sure to become the focal point of any room.






Weisdorf made the drawings for the Multi-Lite in 1972. The lamp collection reflects Weisdorf’s passion for objects that can be changed by the user, involving them in the design process and offering a more dynamic design. Simply adjusting its shades transforms the lamp, enabling light to be directed upwards, downwards or even in asymmetric beams. As Weisdorf himself said: “It's a bit more complex.”







Louis Weisdorf (1932– 2021) was a well-known Danish architect and industrial designer. After becoming one of the youngest designers to graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1954, he worked across graphic, interior, architectural, and industrial design. Weisdorf described himself as a specialist in versatility, which sums up the prodigious and notable career of this multi-faceted designer.






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