GUBI 3D Dining Chair

Front Upholstered

By Komplot Design

Upholstery: undefined

The 3D Dining Chair by Komplot Design is the first furniture design to be based on the innovative technique of moulding three-dimensional veneer. The 3D design gives the dining chair a comfortable seat and a sense of lightness as all edges are pointing away from its user. The stunning design encourages for personalisation with numerous seating shells in veneer or HiRek as well as an inviting upholstered front in fabric or leather of personal choice. In this way, the 3D Dining Chair explores the contrast between soft and hard. The furniture design has been awarded in several prestigious design awards and is included in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Item Number: 10113712

Designed with passion

It invites you to move around while seated, to take free seating postures, to sit sideways, to use the back as an armrest. It’s a very friendly and accommodating chair.


Designed by Komplot in 2003, GUBI’s landmark 3D Chair was the first to incorporate three-dimensional veneer technology into its manufacture.





Founded in 1987, Komplot Design, a partnership of the Danish architect Poul Christiansen (born 1947) and the Russian industrial and graphic designer Boris Berlin (born 1953), has designed furniture and created multidisciplinary design solutions for both Danish and international companies, including Le Klint and Lightyears.





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