Satellite Wall Lamp

By Mathieu Matégot

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The striking, bold and playful Satellite Wall Lamp, designed by Mathieu Matégot, is available once again after a wait of nearly seventy years. With its geometrical shapes and finely-balanced arms creating outstanding sculptural aesthetics, the Satellite’s name and concept were Matégot’s tribute to the scientific progress and optimism found in post-war France. The Satellite Wall Lamp comprises two shades made from Rigitulle – Matégot’s technique of folding and bending perforated steel into an original oblong shaped lamp shade – which are mounted onto sculptural metal arms. The result is a unique interplay of transparency, weightlessness and balance, with a casting of light and shadow that is at once atmospheric and festive. The Rigitulle shades of the Satellite Wall lamp are available in Creamy White, Soft Black Semi Matte or a combination of the two, and mounted on a Soft Black Semi Matte fixture and arms. Despite the name, it can also be mounted to the ceiling to create a stunning centerpiece. Matégot’s long sought-after ‘balloons on string’ design can once again make a bold statement in any interior, whether at home, corporate workplace or in hospitality.

Item Number: 10078939

Flexible fixtures

The visually striking ‘balloons on string’ form of the Satellite Wall Lamp makes it a bold and playful statement piece in any interior, be it residential, hospitality or corporate.


Rigitulle enabled Matégot to reinvent the traditional lampshade, conceiving a playful new typology for lighting.





Mathieu Matégot (1910–2001) was a self-taught Hungarian designer who settled in Paris after travelling, studying, and gaining experience in set design, window dressing, fashion, and tapestry.

He volunteered for the French army during the Second World War but was captured by the Germans and put to work in a mechanical accessories plant. It was here that he recognized the potential for perforated sheet metal to lend transparency, weightlessness and modernity to new forms. After the war, he developed Rigitulle – his take on the material – and his own folding, shaping, and bending technique.





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