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Our experience of an object or a space – the emotions it inspires and the memories it creates – is highly influenced by the interplay of surfaces, the points where color and texture meet. Developed especially for 3daysofdesign, Tactile Encounters is GUBI’s invitation to explore these points of intersection and to celebrate the sensory richness of layered spaces, where look and feel are harmoniously aligned.



Tactile Encounters’ visual concept takes its inspiration from the work of Anni and Josef Albers – the pioneering 20th-century Bauhaus artists whose work, writing, and teaching transformed our understanding of the relationship between color and perception, art and craft. In Tactile Encounters, GUBI has drawn upon Albers’ landscape of colors, forms, and textiles to graphically frame and contextualize a showcase of iconic and contemporary design. 


GUBI x DEDAR: the tiger’s touch


Renowned Italian textile-design house Dedar joins GUBI for an unexpected tactile encounter with the animal majesty of the tiger. Inspired by the hypnotic pattern of the big cat’s stripes, Dedar leads visitors on an immersive journey into the jungle.

Just launched and exclusively on show at GUBI for 3daysofdesign, Dedar’s trio of vivid, densely woven velvet jacquards explores the tiger’s mesmerizing coat, represented in a shade of deep orange. This Is The Tiger Speaking is the purest and most natural expression of the concept; whereas A Tiger In The Orangerie presents softer stripes, and Leontigre depicts a scene of a feline conflict in a rapid and dynamic play of abstract strokes.


GUBI x SØRENSEN LEATHER: GamFratesi’s color tour of Europe


Denmark’s revered leather makers Sørensen and design studio GamFratesi join GUBI to take visitors on a tour of the landscapes of Europe, inspired by the colors of the natural world.

Sørensen’s new Leisure collection of innovative leathers is designed for both indoor and outdoor use – durable enough to withstand the elements, soft and strokeable enough to rival the most luxuriously textured interior leather. Thanks to a hand-sanded finish, Leisure has a unique look and a distinctive depth, enhanced by a selection of characterful colors selected by GamFratesi in reference to the duo’s travels to natural settings across Europe.




Together, GUBI and UNICEF present an exclusive edition of the iconic Pacha Lounge Chair. Cloud-like and comfortable, the Pacha Lounge Chair by the legendary French designer Pierre Paulin is one of the most popular designs in the entire GUBI Collection. For the Young Hopes campaign, GUBI has pledged a total of 100 chairs in three exclusive colorways sourced from surplus premium fabrics.



GUBI’s Young Hopes campaign will see 100% of the profits from the sale of three limited editions of the Pacha go towards helping children in major but lesser-known crisis zones identified by UNICEF, in countries such as Burkina Faso, Myanmar, and Sudan. The funds raised will focus on three critical areas of support: healthy birth, clean water, and access to education.