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By Rachaporn Choochuey



Architect Rachaporn Choochuey’s interpretation of the Beetle is inspired by the climate, traditions, and culture of Asia. Her installation, ‘Flying Beetles’, is rooted in the relationship between exterior and interior, and takes inspiration from Thai street culture, markets, and open-air seating, with reference to the winged insects found in Thailand’s national parks. Suspended like swings from a structure of locally woven threads, nets, and fabric, an array of Beetle Chair shells create a playground for interaction, characterized by flexibility, relaxation, and fun.

“As an architect, I observe the Beetle as an object that shapes how people behave in a space as they sit. Although it is the same shell, the Beetle Chair offers variation of seating in different spatial and social settings with alterations to the design of the base. We want to take that aspect even further. What if the Beetle did not have legs, or did not use the legs to attach itself to the ground? What if we let it fly? It will be free and adapt itself to any condition, creating even more diverse spatial and social circumstances.”


– Rachaporn Choochuey




Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Rachaporn Choochuey received her B.Arch from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok in 1993, her M.S.AAD from Columbia University, New York in 1998 and her PhD from The University of Tokyo in 2002. Currently based in Bangkok, she teaches at the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Architecture, and works as an architect with all(zone) Ltd, the practice she cofounded.

“Rachaporn Choochuey’s design, which often involves an ephemeral sort of architecture with a textile structure, is reflected in the design of a swing. Enveloped by a forest of ropes, it looks like a bag of shopping just bought at the market. Choochuey observes the world around her, absorbs customs and traditions, and resolutely draws them into the world of architecture and design. The Beetle is not trapped – quite the opposite; it flies.”


- Marco Sammicheli, curator, TEN: Beyond the Beetle



GUBI SALONE 2023’s landmark exhibition showcases 10 creative responses to a modern design icon.