Products - general questions

Datasheets - i have a product / material related question.

Gubi provides data sheets for all products in our virtual Gubi showroom, where you can find all relevant data about (packaging) dimensions, weight, material, color codes etc. Data sheets

Which spare parts & components do yiou offer? what is the price?

You can find a list of all available spare parts in our price list including item number and price. To find the latest version of our pricelist in your local currency, visit our digital showroom: Pricelist

I need a mounting/care instruction for a product.

All available maintenance guides and mounting instructions are ready for you in our digital showroom: Technical documentation

What does gubi do to ensure compliance?

Gubi ensures that all our wood complies with the EUTR and all composite wood is TSCA certified. For metal products/ components and finishes Gubi works with suppliers that are REACH certified. We make sure our suppliers and materials have all necessary certifications. In order to make sure our products are compliant we see to that the relevant products and materials are being tested at a third party testing house.

Does gubi provide certifications and compliance documents?

Declarations of compliance on product level are available upon request specifying the test(s) caried out, including if required the flammability test. As for the lighting products you can find declarations of conformity and energy labels on our digital showroom: Technical documentation

Products - upholstery

What is the lead time for upholstered items?

The lead time for upholstered items varies as it depends on the configuration of the product. To get an indication, please see the detailed description for each product in our price list. Pricelist

Which fabrics/leather can i order for gubi products?

Gubi collaborates with different fabric/leather manufacturers and therefore offers a wide range of materials to choose from. You can find the list of suppliers in our price list and below. Please be aware that not all materials might be suitable for all products. If you would like to inquire about the suitability of a material for one of our products, you are welcome to reach out to order@gubi.com.

Does gubi offer special fabric treatments, E.G fire treatment?

It is possible to order our upholstered products with different fire treatments (e.g. C&M, Crib5, Cal117). Please be aware that some materials will not be able to be treated according to your wishes. Additional charges and lead time might apply. For specific enquiries get in touch with order@gubi.com

Gubi does not offer other material treatments than fire treatments such as stain treatments.

I already have a gubi product at home, can you reupholster it?

It is unfortunately not possible for Gubi to reupholster your existing product. For some items, e.g. the seat/front-upholstered Beetle Dining chair, you can reorder the seating pads and exchange them at home.

Beetle collection: which piping is included in the price? for which piping do i need to pay an upcharge?

When you order a fully upholstered Beetle product, you have the possibility to personalize the piping for your Beetle shell.

As a standard solution without upcharge – and if you do not specify otherwise - we chose the same fabric in the same color code for the piping. It is also possible to have the piping in black or brandy Gubi basic leather.

If you wish to choose the piping in a different material or color code than the seat, an upcharge will apply. For further information get in touch with order@gubi.com.

Does gubi offer felt glides?

For most of our chairs it is possible to order felt glides. The price for one set (4 pieces) is 19 EUR ex. VAT. Please specify the wish for felt glides when you place the order for the chair, otherwise we will confirm your order with standard/plastic glides.

It is also possible to order felt glides separately afterwards.

Material samples

I would like to see some material finish samples!

In order to make it easier for you to decide on the finish of your new Gubi product, we have established a wide range of digital material samples in our digital Gubi showroom. Gubi digital samples

Order procedure - B2B

You (would like to) have a customer account at gubi?

You can place an order when you have a customer account at Gubi. If you wish to become a Gubi dealer, please reach out to the Area Sales Manager. contact

How do i place an order?

We kindly ask you to send all orders via email to order@gubi.com. We can unfortunately not accept orders via phone.

Fast track orders

If you would like to place a fast track order, the subject line of the email should contain the words “Fast track”, as it will then be highlighted internally.

Why did i get a quotation instead of an order confirmation?

When you specifically ask for an offer, we will first send you a quotation that you can review before you confirm the order. Once we have confirmed your quotation, we will not be able to make changes any longer. In the event of overdue invoices blocking the account, we will send a quotation first, while your order will be automatically processed once the account is cleared. For any questions regarding your account statement, you can reach out to our Finance Department at debtor@gubi.com.

Which payment methods does gubi offer?

For B2B customers, we kindly ask you to settle the invoice with bank transfer (see due date and bank details on the invoice). Gubi does not accept Paypal or credit cards.