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Portable lighting for seamless transitions between indoors and out

Discover lighting without limits. Developed to travel effortlessly between indoors and out, GUBI’s portable lamps let design lovers use light to elevate any space in or around the home, bringing illumination wherever and whenever it might be needed.

The portable variant of Space Copenhagen’s beautifully sculptural Seine Table Lamp joins Bill Curry’s charismatic ‘mushroom light’ Obello. Both are lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to carry from place to place. Let them brighten up interior spaces, bring them outside to create alfresco lounges or dining rooms, or use them to set the mood in transitional spaces such as sunrooms and summerhouses.

The mobile mushroom


Inspired by pop culture in the atomic age, Bill Curry’s lovably mushroom-like 1971 lamp design is a trailblazer in 20th-century lighting design. Formed from a single piece of mouth-blown frosted glass, it presents a distinctive curvilinear silhouette, eliminating the need for a separate base. Curry, sadly, did not live to see it put into production – some 50 years after its first prototype – now as a portable table lamp.





Exceptional versatility


In the Obello, GUBI gives Bill Curry’s iconic space-age design an exceptional versatility, and a lightweight, tactile shape that allows it to be comfortably carried anywhere it might be needed. Its playful form – a reference to old petroleum lanterns – ensures it always makes a strong statement, either as a characterful centerpiece or a point of curiosity within any interior or exterior space.

Extending summer evenings


Two LEDs – a brighter bulb facing upwards, and a dimmer bulb facing down into the lamp’s stem – give Obello’s light a soft, warm radiance, which can be turned up as the sun goes down, extending summer evenings into the next day and beyond.

Transported by water


Taking portable lighting to a new level of elegance and craftsmanship, the Seine Portable Lamp by Space Copenhagen brings a distinctive, mood-setting play of light into any space, moving effortlessly around the home, into the outdoors, and back again as you desire.




Depth and nuance


Like the other lamps in the Seine Collection, the Seine Portable Lamp features a mouth-blown glass shade with a digitally created surface pattern, a transparent exterior, and a sandblasted inner surface, giving it depth and nuance. Four metal arms attach this to the base, which is finished in antique brass and incorporates a three-stage dimmer switch, so the user can adjust the light level as they wish.




Clover-like dome


The shade’s distinctive clover-like dome shape is the result of the glass being blown into a mold, acquiring its characteristic grooves as it sets. This – in combination with a frosted-glass diffuser – gives the lamp the evocative, shimmery appearance of flowing water, and means that the light it casts is highly atmospheric, with a soft, multilayered, almost poetic quality.

Mood-setting companions


Whether extending convivial summer evenings dining on the patio or simply adding temporary new textures and nuances to indoor spaces, GUBI’s portable lights are versatile mood-setting companions, as well as exceptional decorative pieces in their own right.