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Innovatively adapting our living spaces for a harmonious blend of productivity and joy in the remote work era.




Experiment with utilizing different areas for varied activities throughout the day. Begin your morning with a refreshing coffee, and settle into the comfort of the Bat Dining Chair, a perfect companion to kickstart your workday with focus and ease.

“A solid table is the center of our formal working day – we share it and can leave our notes, sketches and documents spread out, but in the kitchen, we also have a travertine Epic Table, which we work on more informally, and we love the materiality of the stone.”






When a dedicated office space is not available, transforming your dining area for various activities is essential. The Violin Dining Chair, known for its light and elegant design, offers a perfect solution, harmoniously balancing form and function. Accompanying it, the Beetle Dining Chair, with its sleek and comfortable design, enhances the area, creating a stylish and multi-purpose environment. These chairs together provide a blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal, making any space versatile and inviting.


When it's time to step away from your screen for a lunch break, consider relaxing in the GMG Chaise Longue. Its design, angled for optimal lounging, is perfect for catching up on emails or simply unwinding. For a brief respite, indulge in the comfort of this chaise with a warm beverage and your favorite book, allowing yourself a well-deserved moment of relaxation






Incorporate movement into your daily routine by taking your phone calls while walking, whether it's around your room, garden, or local neighborhood. This simple change not only enhances your physical health but also helps you manage your work-life balance effectively amidst the presence of others at home.





Choosing the right desk lamp is key to maintaining focus and preventing fatigue. Consider the Unbound Table Lamp for its playful, lantern-like design and adjustable lighting, perfect for task-oriented work. Alternatively, the 9209 Table Lamp, with its unique helmet-like brass shade, offers a charming glow, reminiscent of starlight. For a more sculptural approach, the Gravity Table Lamp balances a heavy base with a light, airy shade, creating an elegant ambiance. Each of these options brings its own unique character and functionality to your workspace, ensuring optimal lighting for any task.

If there is one piece of furniture worth investing in, it is a good-quality chair.

The beetle and bat chairs cradle you in their soft, cushioned shells, they absorb your movements as you work, and flex as you lean back to relax.




Discover the latest innovation in versatile seating with the height-adjustable Beetle and Bat Meeting Chairs. These chairs combine timeless elegance with modern functionality, featuring a pneumatic height adjustment mechanism. Perfect for various settings, from casual dining to professional workspaces, they offer a seamless blend of comfort and style. Explore this new addition and elevate your seating experience.



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