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The new Outdoor Collection maintains the distinguishing elegant lines of the Beetle and Bat, now combined with the informality and lightness of the outdoors – where they can be closer to nature.

Adding to the already abundant versatility of the plastic Beetle and Bat Dining Chairs, the outdoor treatment puts no limits on how or where you place the chairs. They are now perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Their light weight enables them to be easily moved, breaking down barriers between internal and external spaces.

The Beetle and Bat Dining Chairs already offer unparalleled levels of comfort in this typology, and the outdoor editions are no different.


The rounded shells of both chairs embrace the sitter, making normal, active and passive postures comfortable even over long periods. An optional seat cushion – the same one for both chairs – upholstered in outdoor-appropriate fabric provides additional comfort.



Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi has been working with GUBI since the inception of their studio and, with their own dual heritage, share GUBI’s ability to synthesize seemingly opposing ideas – the classic and the contemporary, the intellectual and the eclectic, the understated and the expressive, the manufactured and the unique. In the case of the Sejour Lounge Chair, the contrasts between light and weighty, warm and cool, and soft and firm, provide nuanced internal dialogues that capture the imagination.






Designed to move as easily between indoor and outdoor spaces as we do, GUBI’s new transterior furniture and lighting features the aesthetic of Gabriella Crespi’s refined Bohemian ’72 Collection loved by the stars of stage and screen. GUBI adds dynamism to GamFratesi’s TS Table and Bill Curry’s innovative Obello Lamp, reinventing them as portable accessories that follow us wherever we go, bringing the look and feel of the indoors outside.