Stemlite Wall Lamp

By Bill Curry

Subtle, organic forms and gentle, diffused light characterize the Stemlite Wall Lamp – a hidden gem from the space race era and now a natural addition to the GUBI Collection. Legendary designer Bill Curry’s ‘total look’ lamp was an innovative rethinking of the traditional lamp and captured the zeitgeist of West Coast America of the 1960s. Inspired by the stems that support flower heads in nature, the Stemlite appears to grow organically out of the wall. The die-cast aluminium base holds the tulip-like steel stem which reaches outwards, then upwards to hold a gently glowing, mouth-blown frosted glass globe. A simple rotary dimmer switch gives intuitive control over the light intensity. Available in Black Chrome, the Stemlite Wall Lamp can be mixed and matched with rest of the modular Stemlite Collection, creating an atmosphere which complements both modern and traditional interiors.

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Item Number: 10082412

Slender and sturdy

The Stemlite was inspired by the strong, organic, yet slender stems that support flower heads in nature.


The Stemlite (1962) was the first ‘total look’ lamp, a pioneering new typology conceived by American Designer Bill Curry.





American designer William ‘Bill’ Edwin Curry captured the zeitgeist of the 1960s and ‘70s with his iconic lamp designs. From his unique Los Angeles vantage point at the meeting point of art, design and engineering, during an era defined by the space race, pop culture and a new forward-looking optimism, he translated the wonder and delight he saw around him into simple yet intelligent ideas with clear visual narratives.





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