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The art of lighting has been used to create an atmosphere and to reinforce the unique narrative of our homes for as long as we’ve been building them. Light is essential to life and wellbeing, surrounding us as we move through moments in time.

Interacting with architecture, light can transform space and shape objects, drawing attention and focus to fascinating details that might otherwise be overlooked.


Light can emphasize features, provide highlights through contrast, and bring depth and life to a space. Light is one of the most powerful devices in the armory of architects and interior designers, who use it to sculpt spaces, create atmospheres and alter moods. 

“Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow, there must be light.”


Haruki Murakami


by Mathieu Matégot

Unbound floor lamp by space copenhagen, bl1 table lamp by robert dudley best

The genius of the lamp 


While there is light in the abstract sense, there is also the physical lighting source. Designing lighting is not just about creating beautiful, functional objects, but also about anticipating their use and presence. Every light must have a dual function: a fixture that provides the perfect lighting for an elegant dining table or a cozy reading nook must also be inviting when turned off. The lamp itself, in addition to the light it emits, is a statement, a sculptural and design element that helps blend the interior into one cohesive experience.



Modern classics and heritage designs

A comprehensive catalogue of classics enables you to curate with curiosity, courage, and creativity. Design icons such as Paavo Tynell’s shell-inspired 5321 Table Lamp and Mathieu Matégot’s geometric Wall Lamp are included. These are joined by the New-York-inspired Howard Collection and gently dynamic Unbound Collection – both new designs from Space Copenhagen.

Whether on or off, lamps take center-stage, providing so much more than merely illumination. They create beauty and intrigue within a space, making a powerful statement.

From song to symphony

In music, samples and synths are layered over new sounds to create depth and creative expression. In fashion, layering involves putting together a unique combination of garments to express a distinct identity or creating new looks by remixing existing items.

Think about lighting schemes in layers too. Considering directional task lighting, accent lighting and sculptural lamps that make a statement, enables a lighting scheme to create different moods for different needs. In this way, the layers come together in a symphony of light.