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GUBI salutes the extraordinary creative vision of Gabriella Crespi at SUITE NY’s Park Avenue showroom.

In collaboration with the renowned New York designer furniture store, GUBI hosts a celebration of the Bohemian 72 Collection – a family of Crespi’s designs recreated from her original drawings, now in production for the very first time.

The Bohemian 72 Collection

The pieces in the Bohemian 72 Collection – a lounge chair, threeseater sofa, ottoman and floor lamp, all crafted from rattan – were only ever created for private clients before. Now, 50 years after they were first conceived and 100 years after Crespi’s birth, they are available for all.

Produced in close collaboration with Crespi’s family, this collection marks the fulfillment of one of her greatest ambitions: to create a living space that radiates warmth, light and sophistication. The SUITE NY event brings her vision to life in the heart of New York, with an evening of cocktails, canapés, and iconic bohemian design.

“I wanted to create the house of the sun. I couldn’t help but do it with rattan and bamboo, materials of which I’m very fond and that combine strength and flexibility, the warmth of mellow tones, and the ability to be run through by light.”


Gabriella Crespi

Gabriella Crespi’s vision

Bohemian 72 perfectly expresses Gabriella Crespi’s vision as a designer, her passions and her own personality, combining her love of natural materials and sculptural forms with her lifelong goal to define a new, free way of living, where the bound- aries between indoors and out are broken down.


“GUBI has always had an eye for archival designs that will resonate with contemporary audiences and Gabriella Crespi’s Bohemian 72 Collection is no exception. It is our pride and privilege to be bringing the work of such a design icon back into production for more people to enjoy.”

Marie Kristine Schmidt, Chief Marketing Officer, GUBI



The Bohemian 72 Collection brings together Gabriella Crespi’s interest in natural materials, her fascination with stacked sculptural forms, and her curiosity about Eastern cultures and philosophies, honed over years of travel.



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