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Cecil Coworking is a trailblazing, design-led shared workspace in Stockholm’s Bibliotekstan, part of the Hufvudstaden property portfolio.

It takes its name from a renowned restaurant and nightclub that was just around the corner from 1917, which became a hub for creative people to meet and mingle – a vibe that the owners of both the original Cecil and its namesake hope to revive.


Built in 1984, the property at the corner of smålandsgatan and norrlandsgatan has undergone a total refurbishment and cecil coworking can now be found on its first and second floors, with a glazed courtyard at its heart.

“We have created a space that combines open and private areas, so that our members can decide what is best for them – it is this flexibility that will define the new way of working. We added a glass ceiling to the inner courtyard to create space filled with green plants and natural light, that welcomes members to their ‘home away from home’ in central Stockholm.”


Frida Wijkström, Head Of Cecil Coworking

The material palette sets the tone for the textural richness of the interiors

The travertine of the epic tables is vibrant and luxurious, while also being durable enough to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. The marble that features in tabletops and the gravity xl lamp adds a ‘showstopper’ aesthetic while having sufficient weight to remain upright in high-traffic areas. On the beetle meeting chairs, the light bouclé fabric introduces beautiful tactility and texture. Walls, carpets, furniture – the relationships between every element have been closely considered, creating a unique design concept.

The 3,200-square-meter space will accommodate 300 members and takes its interior design cues from an old postcard depicting the art deco interior of the original Cecil.


Beetle Lounge Chairs upholstered in Pierre Frey’s Palmette fabric and the 5321 Table Lamps in particular carry strong 1930s references. In combination with statement contemporary pieces, such as Space Copenhagen’s Gravity XL Lamps and GamFratesi’s Epic Tables, they create the inviting ‘boutique hotel’ ambience that makes Cecil Coworking stand out from other shared workspaces.

The interiors are defined by attention to the smallest detail, by the harmonies and appealing contrasts of material, color and texture bespoke to each space. Perfectly proportioned, the Stay Lounge Chairs and Sofas are complementary in form but upholstered in contrasting fabrics, to create a sense of personality and coziness that hits you from the moment of entry. This is also expressed in the pairing of Beetle Meeting Chairs – a note of playfulness amid the elegance and practicality.


The interior design studio Stylt Trampoli was responsible for developing the design concept for the color palette, fabrics and fixed interior. Working closely with GUBI, furniture was handpicked from the GUBI Collection to fit the concept.

The result is a fresh and inspiring space within which company teams can mix with entrepreneurs and freelancers across industries and disciplines, from finance, media, and investment banking to it and beyond. A careful blend of environments, from offices and hotdesking zones for focused work to café and bar spaces for more informal activities, enable spontaneous new connections and bring life and energy to work – all within a convivial atmosphere.

“We wanted to create a space full of personality and warmth – a place where it is easy to be creative but also to find a space for quiet concentration. We want members and their guests to feel like they are stepping inside a good friend’s house – where they know they will meet other interesting people and make meaningful connections. GUBI’s Collection has been crucial in creating this special and distinctive atmosphere.”


Frida Wijkström, Head Of Cecil Coworking