There is something truly magical about taking a step back and allowing yourself to become fully present in each moment. Sometimes life seems to go by in a blur of to-do lists, appointments and other people’s priorities. But, however much you might feel like you’re living on ‘fast-forward’, if you look closely, you’ll find you have ample opportunities to press ‘pause’ right throughout the day. 



Just a minute


Select a comfortable, low-slung seat and set yourself up for a moment of meditation.


Sit back and feel the soft morning light on your closed eyelids as you take a few deep breaths in and out. This simple practice will take less than a minute and set you up for the day ahead.

Most important meal


Breakfast often gets forgotten in the morning rush.


Instead of inhaling a smoothie at your desk, scrolling through emails with one hand and scrawling your to-do list with the other, take a different approach. Make yourself a coffee just the way you like it, add your favourite pastry, curl up on a soft and tactile lounge chair and treat yourself to a moment of indulgence before starting your day – the right way. 

Lean back

Ready to take on the challenges of the day, open up your laptop and feel cradled by your chair’s soft, cushioned shell as it absorbs your every movement. Taking micro-breaks between tasks improves your focus, so every now and then, simply lean back, take a deep breath, stretch your arms out above you, and feel the chair flex to support your moments of mindfulness.



A moment of grace


After a productive start to the day, reward yourself with a little sunshine.


Pull your favorite chair into a patch of light and really notice the warmth on your skin as you sink into its deep comfortable seat. Become aware of all five senses, stepping fully into the present moment. Refuel with a strong cup of coffee and return to your desk reinvigorated. 

Lunch break


Gathering the family around the table for lunch is one of the upsides of flexible working and home-schooling, so make it count.


When the sun is high in the sky, a dual-purpose chair with a versatile aesthetic makes the switch from working to eating simple. Reconnect, share a laugh or two, and start your afternoon feeling refreshed. 

Keep it moving

Stay lounge chair by space copenhagen

A change is as good as a rest, so create movement throughout your day by using certain events as triggers. Check your emails at the breakfast bar and save the dining table for more focused work, or take your calls sitting somewhere different for a change of scenery. Choose a cosseting chair that embraces your body and enjoy the sensation of the plush upholstery as you talk on the phone. .



Escape together


As the sun sets and the shadows get longer


Cozy up for a movie and some popcorn together on a sofa or lounge chair that indulges the body as much as it pleases the eye. Step into another world for an hour or two and escape into comfort with your loved ones before returning to reality just in time for bed. 

Feet up


The last of the evening light disappears


As everyone else heads off to bed, steal away one last moment of calm to read a book or listen to a podcast. Sink back comfortably with an herbal tea, put your feet up, and disappear into your own world for a few minutes as you carve out a little ‘me time’. Wind down for the night and set yourself up for the sweetest dreams – there’s a whole new day tomorrow.

Lights out

Multi-Lite In Black Brass By Louis Weisdorf