S-Table Dining Table

Rectangular Extendable

By Marcel Gascoin

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The S–Table designed in 1953 is part of a unified collection that also includes the B-Table, C-Chair and Trèfle Stool. with its simple tapered legs, sturdy frame and space-efficient rectangular tabletop – extends by a meter, adding an extra two place settings on either end, meaning it can now seat up to ten. The tabletop splits across the center and slides apart, creating space for two insert leaves, which are stored underneath when not in use. The entire table, even the extending mechanism, is made from solid and veneered oak or walnut.

Item Number: 10058061

Bridging function and aesthetics


S-Table offers great flexibility with the extra two insert leaves making room for two more persons at each end.


Gascoin designed the B-Table to offer a flexible all-purpose table for family homes with limited space. The table was initially called the “Bridge table”, or “Bridge/Repas”, cleverly engineered for easy transformation from the square “gaming” position for four people to a round dinner table for six.





Marcel Gascoin was one of the leading designers in postwar Europe. Innovative and with a strong social conscience, Gascoin’s democratic design connected art with industry, and functional aesthetics with rational manufacturing processes.

Even today, Gascoin’s furniture is praised for its simple lines, minimalist aesthetics and compact modular design that makes optimal use of space.





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