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The collection of Beetle Stools have a characteristic yet lighter appearance without backrests.

    • 4 colors available

      Beetle Stool

      699 €
      • 4 colors available

        Beetle Bar Stool

        899 €
      • Continuing the inspiration from the insect, the stools have a protectively encompassing outer shell that is combined with a rounded and soft interior, providing the ultimate comfort while giving the right support, ideal for use in smaller spaces like kitchens and restaurants.



        The Beetle Stools can be customized in any one of a vast array of fabrics and materials, further echoing the versatility of its insect namesake. The distinctive silhouette enables them to carry bold colors with tactile expressions, or upholsteries can be color matched to the shell for more understated finish.

        On GUBI.com/Upholstery, you can explore all options from the GUBI Upholstery Collection.


        “Its free, organic yet precise line is what makes the Beetle unique. Every time we see it reinterpreted in prestigious international projects, it is an unexpected honor. But then, we have spent almost a decade with it, and that line, flowing harmoniously through space, still manages to charm even us.”






        GamFratesi has been working with GUBI since the inception of their studio and the development of the Beetle Chair. With their own dual heritage, Italian Enrico Fratesi and Danish Stine Gam share GUBI’s ability to synthesize seemingly opposing ideas – the classic and the contemporary, the intellectual and the sensual, the understated and the expressive, the manufactured and the unique. These juxtapositions, as well as the boldness and curiosity that drives their desire to find inspiration in unfamiliar territory, are epitomized in the Beetle.