new-look velvet

GUBI is well-known for its use of velvet, especially on the Beetle Collection, but GUBI is also renowned for its dynamic innovation, so this extended velvet proposition offers a fresh new-look velvet in more colors that adds a touch of modernity to a classic 1970s style.


With its short-pile, elegant cottony appearance and soft, powdery surface effect, Sunday fulfils the promise of functional beauty. Its rich palette – a color scheme entirely new to the GUBI Upholstery Collection – runs the gamut from ochre yellow and earthy red to fresh teal and slate gray, taking in a subtle range of natural tones in between.

Dora Boucle plays with a two-color pattern to striking effect, combining beige and gray with piping fabric in black, white, and beige. The silky fabric pairs especially well with furniture pieces that have curved edges, since the soft curves complement the soft fabric.