Durable, practical and innovative, Sørensen Leather's Triumph Crib5 is a stunning leather choice for the most demanding of settings. With unique anti-bacterial properties, Triumph Crib5 ensures that the highest hygiene standards are met, without compromising on aesthetic ambitions. Available in a selection of natural tones, Triumph Crib5 is both a luxurious and a practical choice for highly frequented spaces.


Triumph Crib5

43471 Cognac

by Sørensen Leather
Triumph Crib5, Sørensen Leather (43484 Black, Standard)
Triumph Crib5, Sørensen Leather (43471 Cognac, Standard)
Triumph Crib5, Sørensen Leather (43455 Nougat, Standard)


100% Protected Leather

Price Group:


Fire Treatment:

BS5852 C&M

Can be treated

BS5852 Crib5

Inherent production

CAL 117

Cannot be treated

Decorative use

Heavy commercial use


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