Over the last year, many of us have found ourselves working from home, engaging with our living spaces in new ways. We are still learning to adapt and optimize our surroundings for both productivity and joy.

Desk by day, dining by night

Try using different spaces for different types of work or times of day. Start your day with a coffee, pull up the lightweight c-chair and get a head start on your inbox.

“A three-meter-long solid wood table is the center of our formal working day – we share it and can leave our notes, sketches and documents spread out, but in the kitchen, we also have a travertine Epic Table, which we work on more informally, and we love the materiality of the stone.”



If you don’t have a dedicated office space, you may need to  take over the dining table for more in-depth work.

The extending leaves of the S-Table make it the perfect choice, while the three-legged Nagasaki Dining Chair lends a playful element to any workspace.

Take a break

By working from one spot all day, we’ve lost the natural breaks we used to get from moving between meetings or stepping out to grab a coffee, so build in pauses and changes of setting throughout the day.

Step away from your screen when it’s time for lunch, curl up in the Flaneur Lounge Chair to respond to emails, or for a complete change of position, take to the GMG Chaise Longue with a hot drink and a book and put your feet up, even if it’s just for ten minutes.  

Pacha lounge chair (dedar tiger silk, lemon freeze 002)
Gmg chaise longue

Factor movement into your day by walking around the room – or even the garden or your local neighborhood – while on the phone.


You will improve your physical wellbeing as well as enabling you to work around the other people at home with you.

Grace chair (dedar karakorum 001 and dedar strange love 002, coco bello)

Lighten up

Natural light is essential for maintaining a good working atmosphere, so choose your spot accordingly. To avoid glare, position yourself at 90 degrees to the main light source, keeping it on your left if you’re right-handed or vice versa.

Bat meeting chair (in karakorum 004) and 5321 table lamp
Stemlite table lamp, c-chair and b-table
Bat dining chair (left: front fabric: dedar, karakorum perla 004, back fabric: dedar, ronin chiaroscuro 001), bat dining chair (right: dedar, karakorum perla 004), epic dining table and multi-lite pendant

A good desk lamp is essential to keep you alert and prevent tiredness.

Choose the adjustable Bestlite for the ultimate task lamp or the 5321 Table Lamp to add a little character with its whimsical oyster-shell-inspired design, the bulb peeking out from beneath the shade like a pearl. 

Take a set

If there is one piece of furniture worth investing in, it is a good quality chair – nothing will distract you more than the discomfort of a substandard one. The beetle and bat chairs cradle you in their soft, cushioned shells, they absorb your movements as you work, and flex as you lean back to relax.

Mix and match an array of harmonious colors to create a personal expression that works for your workspace and blends seamlessly into your home aesthetic. 

Bat dining chair (dedar lupo 002) and epic dining table
Coco dining chair (gubi tangier leather in chestnut)

“A good seat can really help create an ergonomic space.You do not need technical office chairs, but sometimes small tricks and quality products that offer flexibility for body movements can really help to find a comfortable position.”



Bat dining chair (vidar 3, 333), gravity floor lamp and b-4 table lamp
Beetle dining chair (light bouclé 001)



“It is essential to create a personal space that makes you comfortable and stimulates your spirit to work with pleasure. Don’t focus solely on functionality – include personal elements that inspire you. It could be a small object, such as a vase or a stone – that natural element that makes its context into a small landscape.”