Timeless and versatile, midnight blue is – as Christian Dior put it – “the only color that can compete with black”.

Starry, starry night

Named for its evocation of the color of the night sky around the full moon, it is the shade Vincent van Gogh reached for when capturing the magic of the pre-dawn sky in his iconic 1889 painting Starry Night. In design terms, midnight blue has the flexibility of a neutral, complementing almost any other shade and introducing a note of refinement to an interior space.

Multi-purpose, Multi-lite

The 1972 Multi-Lite Collection by Louis Weisdorf represents the ‘golden era’ of Danish design, featuring two adaptable, characterful shades that are sure to become the focal point of any room. A metal ring, two concentric cylinders and a pair of rotating quarter-sphere shades form the playful and customizable lamps of the Multi-Lite Collection. Simply adjusting the shades transforms the light, enabling the light to be directed upwards, downwards or even in asymmetric beams.

Weisdorf had a passion for objects that can be changed by the user, involving them in the design process and offering a more dynamic design. Today, he is world-renowned, and his lamps are sought after collectors’ items.


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Louis Weisdorf (1932– 2021) was a well-known Danish architect and industrial designer. After becoming one of the youngest designers to graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1954, he worked across graphic, interior, architectural, and industrial design. Weisdorf described himself as a specialist in versatility, which sums up the prodigious and notable career of this multi-faceted designer.