A form of limestone, travertine exhibits beautiful veining and a vibrant texture with a unique patina – in which new details can be discovered with every use.

Tones and textures


In GUBI’s shades of Neutral White, Warm Taupe or Burnt Red, travertine creates a focal point of differing intensity, bringing personality, naturalness, and tactility to interior spaces. These are groupings of natural colorways and so variations occur between pieces, making each one unique. They can work together in clusters to portray a diverse and yet coherent color spectrum or as individual pieces in their own right.

Formed over millennia by the heat and pressure of hot springs and limestone caves, the stone develops tiny channels and holes as gas and water escapes from the surface, resulting in distinctive patterns and textures. Because of this, travertine can express many different tones and variations, even within the same colors.

Bringing travertine to life


The intrinsic value of travertine as a natural stone is rooted in our planet, our history, and our origin – a heritage which becomes solid and sculptural in GUBI’s Epic and TS Collections by GamFratesi.

In both form and name, the two collections reflect travertine’s enduring appeal across the ages. Epic is inspired by Greek and Roman architecture – as exemplified by Classical travertine constructions such as the Colosseum – and references the columns of Ancient Greece in its circles and hexagons. The TS Collection, by contrast, looks to the modern day.

From Song to symphony

The use of italian travertine in both collections is the result of a shared journey of discovery gubi and gamfratesi took into this unique stone.



GamFratesi's design takes its creative drive from a fusion of tradition and renewal and in an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques.


By positioning travertine at the heart of their expression, GamFratesi has created a celebration of these unusual stones and natural finishes. The raw tactility and all three travertine colors are brought to life across the Epic Collection’s three coffee table sizes, while the Epic Dining Table is available in a choice of Neutral White or Burnt Red and the Epic Elliptical Table in Neutral White. The TS Collection includes a travertine side table, two coffee tables and a two-rack console in Neutral White or Warm Taupe.