With its striking, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, it took less than a decade for Danish Italian duo GamFratesi’s Beetle Dining Chair to become a genuine design classic.


A striking silhouette with universal appeal

The Beetle Chair’s durable outer shell is a continuous, curved form, reminiscent of the strong and graceful contours of the insect that inspired it. Despite its robustness, it is designed to gently flex, providing comfort even after prolonged sitting, making it ideal for dining and meetings. Sleek and elegant conical metal legs add an overall lightness to the design, accentuating the ‘beetle’ aesthetic.

Limitless configurations

Simplicity of shape makes the Beetle Chair ideal for variation and customization. It can be fully upholstered, with a vast array of fabrics to choose from. It is also possible to upholster just the seat, or the front, revealing the subtly-textured matte plastic shell at the back. With so many combinations possible, there is a Beetle for every occasion, whether at home, work or in hospitality settings.

Inspired by nature

From beetle to chair. The flexible and yet robust shell enables micromovements inspired by the articulated shell of a beetle and delivers comfort previously unheard of in this chair typology.

“Its free, organic yet precise line is what makes the Beetle Chair unique. Every time we see it reinterpreted in prestigious international projects, it is an unexpected honor. But then, we have spent almost a decade with it, and that line, flowing harmoniously through space, still manages to charm even us.”





When Danish-Italian design-duo GamFratesi was commissioned to design a chair for a showcase of Danish craftsmanship at Milan Design Week, the pair spontaneously sought references in nature and became captivated by the idea of translating the form of a beetle into a functional product. Curious about the anatomy of insects in general, they were particularly drawn to the unique combination of delicacy and strength embodied by the Beetle.