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Aoyama Dining Table

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Aoyama Table top, Dia 1300*28mm, black softcoating. Bevelled black softcoating edge., Aoyama column black. Base Ø 590 mm. height 730 mm. Powder coated RAL 9005. Gloss 10 ,


Leroy Collection

Leroy Design is an international studio for architecture and design established by Paul Leroy. Their core value is the integration and enrichment of space, form, light and function with the emphasis on materials of aesthetic quality.

The Leroy Collection features two quasi-sculptural designs: the Aoyama Table and the A3 stool. Aoyama, a district in Tokyo famous for its fashion houses, restaurants and interesting shops is where Danish-French architect and designer, Paul Leroy found his inspiration for the Aoyama table. Consequently this piece is Danish-French by design with a hint of Japanese style. The Frame System is a simple, functional, multi-purpose table design that comes in a range of sizes and can be used alone or in conjunction with additional tables. The inspiration for the stool frame is the letter 'A' whilst the seat dimensions match a sheet of A3 paper.

About Paul Leroy

Paul Leroy (1960 - ) studied architecture, furniture design, graphics and industrial design at the Royal Danish School of Architecture and served an apprenticeship with Professor Tage Borg. He opened his own design studio in 1987.

His many international clients include Norman Foster, Foster and Partners, Daimler Chrysler, Arthur Andersen and Copenhagen Airport.

Paul Leroy

Paul Leroy

Paul Leroy (born in 1960) studied architecture, furniture design, graphics and industrial design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He opened his design studio while studying in 1987 and today the clients include Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Google, Copenhagen Airports, B&O, Sony, Nike among others.


The philosophy behind the Paul Leroy designs is that timeless beauty created in adequate solutions does change the way we all think and act. The aim is to create and shape physical products and spaces with the purpose of giving you pleasure and lasting value in your daily life. Trying hard to avoid here-today-gone-tomorrow trend movements, seeking to deliver solutions that are relevant in the present context, but with an incorporated longer lasting value.




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